PVC waterstop,EVA waterstop, ECB waterstop, PE waterstop, HDPE waterstop Color, size and style can be customized

Short Description:

Plastic waterstop is a waterstop material made of polyvinyl chloride resin and various additives through mixing, granulation, extrusion and other processes. Hose products. Plastic waterstop utilizes the elastic deformation characteristics of elastomer materials to prevent leakage and seepage in the joints of building structures, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and durability.

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Specification series and scope of application:

Type 651, Type 652, Type 653, Type 654, Type 655, Type 831, Type 861, Flat Type.

They are respectively used for small and medium-sized concrete dams and workshops, tunnels, culverts, open channels, culverts, small structures, slurry stops, large and medium-sized concrete dams, gate dams, gravity dams, concrete dams, and face dam rockfill dams.

Technical performance parameters:

Project name


Performance index


Shore A


Tensile strength



Elongation at break



Tensile strength



Brittle temperature



Water absorption



Hot air aging coefficient (70±1°C, 240 hours)



Alkali effect coefficient (20% lye, NaOH or KON)


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